Art-work, Designing, Layouting , Typesetting, Desktop Publishing

Translation in Qatar highly recommends that your translation and document’s typesetting is to be done under one roof which does not only save your time but also dampen the possibilities of mistakes from head to toe.

Therefore, hiring one vendor for your document’s creation instead of too many is very commendable decision by the client.

We can create your document in a most professional way by assigning them to our specialized team of designers and desktop publishers who execute your project using industry standard software or programs.

Our typesetting specialist’s job is to create the layout of your translated content as per the master files provided as a source file. We can layout any kind of brochures, manuals, pamphlet, flyers, business cards, magazines, posters and menus in any language.

Despite of the reality that the languages of the Middle East are RTL having characters completely varied from Western Languages, we will reproduce your final document as carbon copy as per the source thanks to our professional team of desktop publishers and layouting specialists.