Qatar Translation Services guarantees translation of any kind of texts while operating within the frames of the law. To ensure that the translation made is legal, accurate and authentic the translation process is performed by an official who is an approved and sworn translator in possession of the required certification obtained from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, courts or any governmental authority that issues the certification to an individual after taking exam in translation subject.

The exam is strict and is based on conditions of merit such as the individual’s long-term experience in translation or a specialized degree in the field of translation.

There is a huge network of certified legal translators in Qatar Translation Agency who are ready at any time to translate and then authenticate, officiate or legalize your translated documents with the aim of submitting to any official department within the country or any other international territories. Legal translation of the document at Qatar translation agency is done under the strict guideline and eligibility criteria set by the relevant governmental authorities.

At different stages in your personal and commercial official activities legal translation may be crucial and needed within the hour, with some types of documents requiring sworn legal translation before you embark on any further official procedures. Below are a few types of documents for which you will probably need the sworn legal translation and happen to be our areas of specializations:
Legal Translation of Power of Attorney
Legal Translation of Agreements or Contracts
Legal Translation of Birth and Death Certificates
Legal Translation of court hearing
Legal Translation of commercial invoices
Legal Translation of educational certificates
Legal Translation of Police Clearance Certificate
Legal Translation of Driving License
Legal Translation of Divorce Deed
Legal Translation of Single Status Certificate
Legal Translation of Loss Certificate
Legal Translation of Tenancy Contract or Lease Agreements
Legal Translation of Share Sale Agreement
Legal Translation of Memorandum and Articles of Association
Legal Translation of Board Resolution
Legal Translation of Minutes of Meeting
Legal Translation of Certificate of Incorporation
Legal Translation of Resolution of the Board of Directors
Legal translation of Trade License, Commercial License, Professional License
Legal Translation of Partnership Agreement
Legal Translation of Marketing Agreement
Legal Translation of Distribution Agreement
Legal Translation of Court Cases
Legal Translation of Sale Deed
Legal Translation of Marriage Contract
Legal Translation of Accounts Statement of Financial Statement
Legal Translation of all types of official documents

Qatar Translation Agency wishes to emphasize that the accuracy in the legal translation is vital in that it is the backbone of your further official process. Your documents may be rejected if any information is found to be incorrect and inconsistent to the original documents leading to very long delays, wastage of your time, extra efforts and additional cost. With our experience we have learned to avoid such and we always take precautionary measures prior, during and after the execution of your translation.
In legal translation, we stamp and sign your document by our sworn legal translator for official purposes.